Loudoun Kettlebells Virtual Training with Brian Wright

  • Farmers carry

    A simple effective minimalist program that can be scaled up or down.

    Improve mobility, cardio, strength and general health.

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  • build strength

    Fun, kettlebell driven exercise sessions, that are 30min or less.

    See results through a safe progression of strength and endurance building exercises.

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  • kettlebell press

    A step-by-step program designed for all levels.

    Each week efficiency, consistency and intensity will coached by Brian Wright.

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This step-by-step program is designed for all levels. Designed in four week blocks, you get three 20-50 minute training sessions weekly. Each week efficiency, consistency and intensity be programmed by Brian Wright.

What you need:

pull-up bar

Weekly program assignments will be posted in a private Facebook page. Each assignment will include progressions and regressions. You also get access to virtual coaching, simple (not easy) nutrition advice, and visualization exercises. Videos will be posted to provide clarity and tips on form.

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There are two ways to join:

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This Program

Personal coaching 1xmo Program plan
Program plan Library of videos
Unlimited emails Specials on live services
Focus on minimalist programming with detailed progressions Focus on resilience to stay strong and healthy

Brian Wright has taken his 20+ years of personal training and over 12 years of Kettlebell training to create a minimalist strength and conditioning program you can do at home. This is a minimalist program in every sense of the word. Little equipment, few complex or un necessary exercises, and the minimal effective dose of frequency and intensity for results for health improvements.

Follow along with the program from week to week and choose the progression/regression each week.

Brian has taken his years of private, group and large seminar teaching experience to put together a program that makes sense and leads to results when the work is put in!

About Brian Wright

Brian has a Masters degree in exercise science and biomechanics and brings a therapy-like approach to strength and conditioning. Brian has worked in traditional gyms, corporate settings, academia, clinical settings, and within the independent/freelance realm.

Currently Brian teaches nationally with StrongFirst – the gold Standard kettlebell education company. He also presents with the National Strength Conditioning Association, IDEA personal training Institute, Power-Systems symposiums, and is a featured speaker at private events and courses. He works with people all over the world in his online coaching programs and travels across the US for a variety of workshop and teaching events.

His approach to both programming and business development empowers individuals to succeed. His approach in designing step-by-step action plans provide simple solutions for students and clients alike.

For more information on personal training with Brian visit Workhorse Coaching.

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